Picnicker Q & A

Will Picnicker deliver outside the delivery zone?

During peak hours we will likely not be able to venture outside the delivery zone, but shoot us a text at 1(515)808-2453

We’re ordering for a group, can we split tickets?

Yes! we don’t charge through the website, so when your food arrives you can split the ticket as you’d like. There may be a nominal additional fee depending on the totals.

You didn’t answer my phone call!

Our business model doesn’t allow for a dispatch worker- please leave us a short message and we will call you back asap! – or –  leave an order on our voicemail with detailed order instructions, from which restaurant and where to bring it, and we will take tare of the rest.

Can I pay in advance?

Yes, leave a note in the comments of your order, and someone will call you to process your information. Or text us- we will get back to you real quick.

What if the item I want isn’t listed on the website?

We are continually updating the menus, but if your favorite item isn’t listed, just add it in the comments. We will adjust the total accordingly and you can pay the new total when we arrive.

Any other questions just text us! 1(515)808-2453